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  • JOLA Tours & Trips - Schnipseljagd Mimizan Discovery Tour in MIMIZAN PLAGE (40)

The Schnipseljagd Mimizan – Discovery Tour is a challenging sightseeing treasure hunt on your mobile phone to discover Mimizan!
Unravel the hints and stay on the right track! Along the way you’ll have to solve various questions, assignments and riddles. Find the answers together in your surroundings! Compare old photos, check out buildings and study artworks to find the answers on the questions!
Take a closer look at Mimizan and get to know the town and each other in a new way! The Schnipseljagd takes you to all the beautiful places Mimizan has to offer!
If you don’t know the answers on the questions, you can ask for one or several hints or skip the question. You will then receive clear instructions how to continue.

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