Fishing and boating on the lake

Fishing and boating on the lake

It is possible to moor a small boat on the lake of Mimizan, Aureilhan either on the west bank in Mimizan or on the south bank at the port of Aureilhan.

Ask for the vignette for the right to sail on the lake at

Boat for launching: 9,9 HP maxi, 10 km/h and maximum 4 fishing rods. 

Night fishing on the lake by boat is strictly forbidden.

A fishing licence is mandatory on all bodies of water and watercourses.

More information on the regulations, the navigation plan, the registration form HERE  

Sailing at sea - Nautical stopover 

The pontoon of the nautical halt at Mimizan Plage is available for rent for 6 or 9 months.

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Fishing in the lake

The lake is a very popular site for carp, perch, pike, eel and pike-perch fishing, roach, carp, black pike-perch

There are 3 handi-fishing pontoons: 1 at the level of the flowered promenade, 1 at the exit of the Lac aux Anguillons, 1 at the port of St Paul en Born.

In order to fish on the lake in complete tranquility, get a fishing card; you can choose it online or at the following retailers: 

- AAPPMA - Chalet des Anguillons

Avenue du Lac - MIMIZAN
Tél 06 22 29 47 09

- Born Passion Pêche/Chasse

17, rue de l'Abbaye - MIMIZAN
Tél 05 58 82 87 64

- Le Hangar aux affaires

7, route d'Escource - MIMIZAN
Tél 07 68 16 87 93 


1 sector: Woolsack Point, at the Serbiat area (Mimizan)



Other fishing: seaside, in "the Courant de Mimizan", in river


You don't need a fishing license. No sea navigation fees to pay. 

Take into account the regulations posted on the beach.

Fished fish: lynx, sole, sea bream, turbot, sea bass, live fish, orphys.

More information

- Surf casting club Mimizanais -

- Surf casting club of Bias -



No permit is required for the area from the main bridge (bd des Pêcheurs) in Mimizan Plage up to 800 m inland (towards the nautical stopover).



License required. 

Fish caught: trout

More information : Departmental fishing federation of the Landes