Want to discover and cook regional products easily, just like at home? You are welcome to meet with Mimizan tourist office’s culinary professional partners. Listen to their advice, take your pick or be tempted by their products, whose colours and flavours change with the seasons.  


Landais poultry

Goose or duck foie gras takes the place fo honour at the top of Landais gastronomy. This can be prepared fresh or as a conserve, and served with raisins or apples. We also find the famous duck "confits" cooked in fat and "magrets" fillets of duck, delicious either grilled or oven-cooked. The Landais farm chicken has also met with great success, free-range, corn-fed, this is a tasty chicken of fine quality can be identified by its yellow colour.

Meat and fish

Aloses, pibales, salmons and eels can be fished in the Landais Rivers. In the sea, you can catch sole, turbot, bass and sea bream...

Chalosse beef is renowned for its tasty tender meat resulting from the crossing of two races : the Limousine and the Aquitaine Blond, it is raised following the Chalossaise traditional method : abundant quantities of litter, corn and pastures.

Armagnac and Landais wine

The wine-makers of the Landes produce the finest wines of Tursan, la Chalosse and Bas-Armagnac in the strictest compliance with ancient traditions.

Asparagus and Kiwis

Asparagus and Kiwis from Landes, among the best in Europe, also make up part of the selection of high quality products that we find in the department of Landes.


This pastry (Pastis of the Langue d’Oc) is traditionally a sweet soft cake flavoured with anis which was at the origin of deserts for big celebrations. Other deserts include the Croustade Gasconne with layers of crispy pastry or the Langue d’Oc apple tart.

You can discover these products in most of the restaurants of Mimizan, Bias, Pontenx les Forges et St Paul en Born among which some made their specialities.



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Find all these specialities at the traditional market and in the farmers' markets of countries