Surfing in Mimizan


In Mimizan Plage, there are almost 10km of beaches spread out on either side of the “Courant de Mimizan” river. This coastal river is the natural outlet of a freshwater lake, the Lac d’Aureilhan.

There are several surf spots that can be easily accessed on the beaches of the town centre, La Garluche, Remember and Côté Sud, as well as another one a little further away, Lespecier.  These surf spots are in areas with a lifeguard and are perfect for beginners who can surf here in complete safety. The more experienced surfers can however go further away from these crowded areas just by walking along the beach, in search of the “secret spot”, every surfer’s dream.

At all of these beaches, you can find some great waves and a sandy seabed. The waves are hollow and fast here. The top-quality of these beach breaking waves have made the coastline of the Aquitaine region very popular in the surfing world.

In the summer, the high-pressure systems here are a sign of good, sunny weather. In the morning, the easterly winds make the waves hollow and it’s the perfect time for some tube riding. At the end of the day, when the coastal breeze starts to die down, the sunset surfing sessions will give you an unforgettable experience of this natural phenomenon, you just need a bit of patience.

MIMIZAN, surfing land

For a very long time now, local surfers from Mimizan have been taking advantage of the superb waves on their beaches, for their own pleasure, but also to get the name of our resort out there, as a great place for surfing, on both a national and international level. Among the local champions who compete with the French national team, the most well-known are: 

  • Nicolas CAPDEVILLE : triple champion du Monde de Bodyboard
  • Vincent DUVIGNAC : double Champion d’Europe de Surf, actuellement classé dans les 100 meilleurs surfeurs mondiaux
  • Cédric DUFAURE : Champion d’Europe de Bodyboard
  • Olivier SALVAIRE : Champion de France Masters (+35 ans) de Surf 

Thanks to such great examples, the young surfers of Mimizan can only get better. Among the young budding surfers who would like to follow in the footsteps of the champions before them, are: Noah et Ethan CAPDEVILLE for bodyboarding and Noa DUPOUY for surfing, they all achieved a remarkable performance in 2018:

  • Noah et Ethan CAPDEVILLE en Bodyboard,
  • Noa DUPOUY en Surf
  • Loïc TASTET en Bodyboard 

In the past, MIMIZAN has welcomed countless times national and international Surfing and Bodyboarding competitions: French, European Championships, Pro Am. Every year, the two clubs in Mimizan, Maeva Surf Club and Mimizan Surf Club, send their application to the organising body for the French Surfing and Bodyboarding Cups.

2018 was a great year for the young generation of surfers and bodyboarders, because they added a few titles to their belts. 

The waves of Mimizan are now well-known way beyond our national borders. The German and Belgian surfing federations have chosen Mimizan in the past, as the venue for their national championships.

MIMIZAN, surfing for everyone

So that as many people as possible can experience the joys of Surfing, the 6 surf schools of Mimizan offer lessons adapted to the age and level of participants. These lessons are suitable from the age of 7 and are led by qualified instructors, many of whom speak several foreign languages (English, Spanish, German). These schools offer introductory or more advanced sessions, for all activities, in complete safety. 

As well as learning the technical side of these disciplines, the schools also teach participants about the marine world in general. This knowledge is essential to be able to go out alone on the waves, with or without a board, and to ensure your safety and that of other people in the water: possible dangers related to the current, tides, etc. To protect this particularly fragile natural environment, it is also essential to make sure you follow some simple rules: use the marked paths to get to the beach, dispose of waste in the bins available to the public on the beaches, etc.


For a few years now, surf camps and lodges have chosen to set up shop here so that surfing enthusiasts can stay here, with all the necessary facilities (accommodation, surf lessons, other activities, meals). 


Surfing is also accessible for people with motor disabilities, with the right assistance and special equipment. Surfing in a seated position is specifically adapted for disabilities below the waist and for paraplegics. It is possible using a waveski (surf kayak) with an oar. This activity is offered in Mimizan by the All Water school.

Surfing for both adults and children.

To be able to meet the demand for surfing activities here, the Mimizan Intercommunal Tourist Office has chosen to add to this tourist offer for families by offering introduction surfing sessions, especially for children. These sessions are organised in partnership. This operation comes under the Mimiz’Ô label. It is such a success that a lot of parents sign up their children before they even arrive.




The surf schools