Labels and signs of quality

The "cyclists welcome" label

To meet the specific needs of cyclists visiting the region and to increase the number of our visitors, facilities for welcoming cyclists have been set up (an official label and a route logo). The Mimizan Intercommunal Tourist Office is delighted to be taking part in this dynamic. Discover the partners of "Cyclists welcome" label

The Mimiz'Ô label

It promotes accommodation, leisure, sports, entertainment, restaurants and public facilities adapted to the expectations of children and families. Discover the partners of Mimiz'Ô 

Qualité Tourisme et Catégorie 1

For its part, the Intercommunal Tourist Office of Mimizan, classified category 1 (the highest classification for a tourist office), has obtained the Tourism Quality mark; a mark which shows our commitment to a permanent process of satisfying the needs of our clients and improving the internal functioning of our structure. 

Villes et villages fleuris

Mimizan, St Paul en Born and Pontenx les Forges have the label Villes et Villages Fleuris; 4, 2 and 2 flowers respectively. This label rewards the improvement of the quality of life: the place given to plants in the development of public spaces, respect for the environment (management of natural resources and preservation of biodiversity), the development of the local economy, the attractiveness of tourism and the preservation of social links.

Our commitments :

Qualité Tourisme 

We undertake to personalise the service we provide to our customers, whether they are holidaymakers, tourist service providers, elected officials or residents:

  • to regularly update our knowledge of the local tourism offering, the market and the environment in which our businesses operate
  • to actively listen to the needs expressed by our customers
  • to advise and provide comprehensive information, qualified and adapted to our customers’ requests
  • to promote the tourism offering by any means deemed to meet our customers’ expectations
  • to assist our customers in gaining a greater knowledge and understanding of developments in tourism
  • specifically with regard to the destination’s specific features:

    •  Family customers 

      • using the Qualité famille label represented by the mascot Mimiz’Ô, to identify a qualified offering adapted to families and children aged 0 to 16
      • to advise, guide and listen to family customers, in order to meet their expectations as well as helping the offering to develop


    • School, student and business groups
      • to identify a qualified, adapted offering on the theme of Nature and the industrial expertise relating to the forestry and wood sector
      • to advise and offer these audiences a range of services adapted to their goals (educational, professional, tourism-related)


Mimizan Intercommunal Tourist Office, classified Category 1

Mimizan Intercommunal Tourist Office, classified Category 1

Mimizan Intercommunal Tourist Office (OIT) has been classified as a Category 1 tourist office since 23 December 2013 (renewed on November 6, 2018). As such, the OIT is committed to do the following:

  • Provide you with an easily accessible reception area and information area.
  • Help you with your needs
  • Provide you with free information on the local tourism offering
  • Display our opening times in at least two foreign languages 
  • Offer you free Wi-Fi access.
  • Be open at least 305 days per year including Saturdays and Sundays during the tourist season or special events
  • Provide a permanent reception staffed by speakers of at least two foreign languages
  • Provide access to a dedicated trilingual website, designed to be consulted on mobile devices
  • Give tourist information in paper form, translated into at least two foreign languages
  • Update tourist information each year
  • Display emergency phone numbers on the exterior of the building
  • Respond to complaints and measure your satisfaction levels.