Terra Aventura

Terra Aventura, what is it ?

Terra Aventura is a game that combines a walk, the discovery of the patrimonial and natural wealth of a town, observation and a sense of direction

Terra Aventura is also a fun activity for young and old who want to live a new experience and meet a new territory! 

Terra Aventura is finally a 100% free treasure hunt based on the concept of geocaching and which is practiced using a smartphone or a GPS. It is accessible every day of the year .

Here, 2 courses are proposed:

  • In Aureilhan, there is the Zahan Arch route.
  • In Pontenx les Forges, there is the route Brother Zacqu' sleep!

It's up to you now and download the Terra Aventura app!



Terra Aventura, how it works ?

More information on www.terra-aventura.fr