A Mimizan, sentier de la Promenade Fleurie


Avenue du Lac

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  • A Mimizan, sentier de la Promenade Fleurie in MIMIZAN

his curious floral haven situated on the edge of the lake (Mimizan Burg side) counts over 300 different species of plants, this promenade was named one of the most beautiful floral sites in France in 2001 and allowed Mimizan to obtain its fourth flower at the National Competition for Floral Towns and Villages from 1999 (renewed in 2005). This prize rewarded the work to embellish and maintain the town, carried out by the town-council service.

This garden is open to general public all-year round. It can be accessed from Mimizan Burg, Parentis route (sign indicates direction).

Distance : 800 m

  • Pets welcome
  • For children